Managers to Leaders

A workshop for middle and senior managers

Introduction: Managers, at the middle level in any organisation, constitute the critical group that provides leadership to execute their company’s ideas, goals, programmes, and production lines. They play a key role in the company’s knowledge generation and can nurture and unlock the creativity stored at the bottom of the pyramid. They are also the drivers of their team’s morale.

However, in the 21st century, the ever-tightening deadlines and constantly changing technologies and processes have created a pressure-cooker situation for this important human resource.

Hemmed in between constant demands from the senior managers and a team of workers that have varied attitudes and motivations, the managers often feel pushed to the wall.

In such a situation they need a frame of reference, along with an emotional and functional operating system, to deal with the workplace challenges.


To create awareness and impart a new framework of personal and interpersonal dynamics at work and evolve a set of do’s and don’ts for personal enhancement and better team leadership, using open and two-way communication strategies among the team leaders or equivalent managers.

The scope of workshop:

It would be a two-day workshop, where Day One would be dedicated to “managing the manager”, while Day Two would be about improving the relationship with the team.

The workshop will seek to achieve vertical and horizontal integration - both at the personal (team leader) level and inter-personal (their relation with the team and the company) level.

Section 1: Frame of Reference: This section will talk about ---

  • the stress of being a leader
  • how the challenge comes with the territory
  • the concept of change
  • the weight of expectations
  • concept of responsibility as a means for personal growth.

Section 2: Breaking Point:

  • Analysis of managers’ stress threshold and their unique challenges.
  • Insight into each manager’s journey to identify the point where they feel overwhelmed.

Section 3: Framework of Personal Development:

Based on the inputs of the managers this section would deal with the evolution a personal development framework which will act as a roadmap for new leadership skills.

Section 4: Feedback loop:

This section will create a system, which the managers can themselves use as their personal journal, to keep track and evaluate their constant evolution.

Section 5: From a spec to a node:

This section will work towards aligning the managers with the vision and mission of the company.

Section 6: Dealing with the dices:

This section will work with the team leaders to formulate strategies enabling members of the team to be self-motivated and consistently productive.

Section 7: Setting the rules of the game:

This section will work towards creating a clear-cut communication and behavioural protocol for the team members.

Section 8: Building bridges:

This section will work with the team leaders in developing strategies and behavioural competence in dealing with difficult people and integrating them with the team, and at the same time, inspiring performers to further realise their full potential.

Duration: The workshop can be done in a day-long session. However, if the company decides to carry it out at an out-of-office location the session can be extended for two days with increased participation and immersive exercises.

Target Groups:

  • Senior Managers (Asst VPs to Senior VPs); General Managers; Regional Managers; Divisional Managers and Team Leaders.
  • The workshop can also be tailored to meet the needs of entry-level staff to align them with the mission of the company for effective delivery.

Size of batch: Preferably, every workshop should have a batch of 20 managers.

Location of the workshop:

It can be conducted at a place decided by the company.

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