Communication for Productivity

Present Scenario: An organisation is a network of communications. The quality of communication decides how far and how long the organisation will grow and prosper. Today in a world of globalised trade, disruptive technologies and shrinking resource base it’s important to have a workforce that acts as a cohesive unit, quickly adapts to change and is primed to ride the twin challenges of sustainability and disruptive technologies of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Commendable progress has been achieved in installing management protocols, training modules, new rules and regulations and cutting edge technologies to increase productivity and resources efficiency. However, in this massive transition efforts one resource has been often overlooked – humans.

Worker dissatisfaction is visible in their disorientation, burn out rates, increased stress and pre-mature productivity plateau. It’s also visible in inter-departmental communication gaps leading to unhealthy competition which is counter-productive for the organisation. This also affects the company’s work culture and business outcomes. Even the inclusion of fresh blood soon slides into the same rut.

But as the Buddha says, “There are problems, there are reasons for the problem and also there are remedies for the problems”. To prepare the workforce to meet the modern challenges mentioned above the organisations need to create an environment where people grow out of their silo mentality and unlock the creative genius within. They need a platform to re-orient and re-discover the fundamental art and craft of communication.

Based on our experience we believe that open, clear and constant communication acts as a platform to achieve a new level of clarity and commitment among the workers. It inspires them to ride the wave of change, embrace and drive new ideas of sustainability and enhance productivity.

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