Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Business

Introduction: The 21st century business landscape would be dominated by the threats posed by Climate Change and the opportunities presented by sustainable development. Between these two coordinates a new business paradigm would evolve that will be able to achieve economic well being while maintaining environmental integrity.

However, to embark on this new journey there is a need to sensitize the young crop of business professionals about the phenomenon of both sustainability as well as the climate change and how they will impact business universe.

Working on the principle of “forewarned is forearmed”, sensitization process can go a long way in creating professionals that are sensitive to the challenges presented by the climate change and the opportunities created by pursuing sustainability. It will also enthuse and inspire them to seek innovative solutions to meet the twin demands of maintaining profitable business while conserving the environment.

Objective: To conduct awareness workshop about climate change, sustainable development and how it impacts business.

Scope of Workshop: The workshop will have following segments:-

  • Segment 1: Threat and Theatre: This segment will talk about Climate Change and its impact on business
  • Segment 2: The New Paradigm: The segment will talk about the emergence of sustainability as a concept. How it was a part of our lives before Industrial Revolution and how it is being re-discovered as a potent tool to improve business bottom lines while protecting environment. The opportunities is it presents and the challenges while implementing it.
  • Segment 3: Integrating Sustainability: This section will discuss the frameworks and concepts that can be incorporated at the level of planning and designing of new products and services. These frameworks will empower the managers and workers in improving processes and products and will also help in training personnel to create a workforce that thinks about every aspect of their business from the perspective of sustainability.

Duration: 6 hours (10-5.30 including tea and lunch breaks)


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