Change, Productivity and Communication

Humans are social animals and communication is the glue that binds their social fabric. The quality of communication decides how much a community or a society will evolve and prosper. If the general tone and tenor of conversations in a society are leaning in the direction of positivity then it can be safely assumed that it’s on the path of growth and progress. However, if the collective conversations within a society are marred my negativity the opposite would be true.

Most of the communication in our society, organisations and companies are based on perceptions. We by habit and training gravitate towards anecdotal information and analogical deductive thinking.

However, this easy path of processing information and communicating with the others, leads to long term difficulty in creating meaningful dialogue and relationships. It is reflected in lack of integrity, hostility, breakdown in relationships, low productivity in companies, governments and organisations.

The 21st century is an age where the blinding pace of change is stretching the human society in general and corporate worker in particular. They are finding it difficult to comprehend and adapt to ever changing reality. Perceptions built on the regular diet of age old beliefs, biases and prejudices lag far behind the reality of an emerging new technocratic society.

To paraphrase what the celebrated futurologist late Alvin Toffler said, today intelligence would depend on how quickly you can unburden your baggage of old knowledge and information and learn new ways that would decide how long you will survive the game of relevance.

Nowhere it’s more evident than in the field of communication. The quality of communication within the company will decide how nimbly it will negotiate the treacherous path of growth, relevance and productivity.

In an age of shrinking natural resource base, growing regulatory ghettoes in global business and disruptive technological trends, the one resource every company can bet on is its workforce.

Human resource is at the heart of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This is the resource that needs to be nurtured the most.

“Growing chasm”

Management literature, courts and media are full of stories of growing chasm between the top management and the workforce on the factory floor or in the fields. The middle management, critical for any company to realise its dreams into reality, is under attack for stifling creativity at the bottom of the pyramid.

However, what comes across as the source of a problem is also the font of solution.

It is here that communication will play a pivotal role. The deadlocks of entrenched perceptions can be cleared by open, two-way communication rooted in integrity, devoid of blame game in a spirit of resolving the conflict.

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